Facility Spotlight Video

Whether your business is in development, brand new or already established, a “promotional push” can be used to catapult your company to the next level. This video includes filming of the premises and/or product(s) and interviews with all related personnel (including, but not limited to executives and customers). Our professional Video Host will walk your viewers through a complete informational video, which exhibits your brand’s best and most marketable aspects.



Product Demo Video

Is your company searching for an innovative and captivating new way to introduce and/or thoroughly explain a novice product? Our professional Video Host will focus solely on showing your viewers how to properly use the product and expose it’s coolest features! We also produce walk-through videos, tutorials and explainer videos, whereby we provide your customers a thorough understanding of your business and any related products or services.



Event Recap Video

Do you have an important corporate function that you would like to capture?
Whether it’s an anniversary, company launch, affiliated charity affair, holiday party or internal meeting, Capture Corporate will film the event and attendee testimonials. Grand-openings, ribbon-cutting ceremonies and premieres are just a few examples of this type of video.



News Release Video/EPK

Do you have an important message you wish to convey to your employees or customers?
Rather than sending a boring email or monthly newsletter, our professional Video Host will assist you in articulating your announcement in a clear, compelling and visually appealing manner. We also produce professional electronic press kits (EPKs) to illustrate your company mission and goals; and to solicit new business or investors.



Profile Video

Does your company have an “Employee of the Month” worthy of public praising? Or, are you an artist, entrepreneur or business owner who wishes to tell your story and further develop your credibility? Our professional Video Host will highlight your contributions and achievements in the most effective manner possible. Musicians, make-up artists and all other independent contractors could benefit from creating a profile video to market their talents.